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Your health and wellness is a journey, let us meet you on that path. Formally "Crossroads", focusing on wellness and state of the art solutions and therapies to assist people in enjoying a more energized, balanced, healthy and fulfilled life.

Promoting holistic, integrative therapies and assessments, which help proactively, challenge the signs of aging and the degenerative effect of every day stressful living. Training, tools, and techniques educate the health consumer.

We can be reached with questions about any of the services below. Please feel free to contact me at: or 330-447-4289.


Foot reflexology/Ion Foot bath

Laser Therapy -

Ionized Alkaline Water

Dona Garofano

"Lifevantage" - with anti-aging products Protandim, Canine Health, True Science skin care, all with advanced nrf2 technology and an unparalleled business opportunity.


This is my health oasis. The atmosphere is very soothing and quiet. Linda makes sure you are comfortable and know what will take place. I like to eat lightly the day before and no solid food the day of the colonic. This makes for a more pleasant experience. Afterwards, I feel so light and energized! I highly recommend Linda and all her services!
- J.G. Entrepreneur/Home Maker/Natural Health Advocate, North Canton, Ohio

Linda is a sensitive and caring professional. Using state of the art equipment, her treatments are very comfortable and thorough. Iíve known and worked with her for many years and always appreciate her integrity and skills. I highly recommend her! 5 stars!
- M.V. Acupuncturist/LMT/Natural Health Professional, Canton, Ohio

Before I met Linda, I was searching for people who practiced Colon Therapy because I know that it's very healthy to have a healthy colon. Once I met her she was very friendly, very caring, and attended to my needs in a professional manner. I did the colon work and I feel very clean, refreshed, rejuvinated, and now keeping a diary of what I eat. What I would say to anybody looking to receive Colon Therapy from Linda is DO IT.
- T.Y. Online Business Owner/Marketing Expert, Clearwater, Florida

May Godís blessings abound in your life,
Linda Clifton-McCormick

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